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There is little we know for certain

.....even in maths...... 1+1= 2 is hard to prove

Our way of seeing the world through projection of numbers and models is so far removed from nature

Nature doesn’t think like us

She remains a mystery

Though we keep working - pulling back the carpet, then the lino, start scratching off the layers of paint and peeling varnish all the time suspecting that we may never reach the transparent window onto the universe

There are always multiple ways of seeing the problem – each model brings a different perspective

How do they all link?

Via ‘phdoodling’, (a new word with a silent p h) maybe over a lifetime a humble level of understanding can be mapped out on a wall at home or set free in the air in a network of information

Is there a different road?  A more eastern one that starts within....concentrating on the gap between the in and ex-hale to create an infinite abundance of time.....evaporating from our physical selves to unlock some secrets of nature even though we are caught within the experiment

By travelling both roads, can we feel the pulse of the universe?

Can we share the richness of multiple ways of seeing?  What starting point or foot hold can we offer?

Can we express the ‘exhilarance’ (another new word) that comes from the pleasure of finding things out?


Inspired by a philosophical conversation with a particular experimental physicist on a particular day, though it reflects sentiments expressed by others I have spoken to.

Image: Amongst my first experimental ipad drawings.  The reflection in the glass table is a nod to nabokov's, 'Bend Sinister'.  The imagined aperture to another world or course of events is used extensively via mirrors, puddles....