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Joy and Beauty

It's been over two months since the last entry.  For good reasons - busy times getting the 'pop-up cinema in a yurt' project going and working on designs for billboards......more to come about both in the coming months.  It's also been a pleasure learning and making work about the experiment measuring the electron dipole moment (or shape).  As well as writing, drawings and prints, we've put together a beautiful film - a new kind of science documentary that attempts to distill the essence of the endeavour. Glen Gould plays Bach on the soundtrack and I look forward to sharing the short film as soon as licensing questions are settled.  Joy and beauty just keep popping up in this project, so for this journal entry here are three newly created beautiful and joyous things:
Lino cut print - original drawing by physicist Mike Tarbutt, inspired by Kay Ryan's poem 'Repulsive Theory' and then cut into lino by me. 

Cosmic rays in a homemade cloud chamber - image by Henry Turner-Chambers    
Every year, the first year students present their projects in a two day celebration of imagination, creativity and careful problem solving.  Each project seemed to make visible or put to use some of the patterns underlying nature.  Henry Turner-Chambers and Jorawar Uppal transformed a few basic ingredients into this cloud chamber.  Sitting on a laboratory bench and similar in cross section to my PC screen, the chamber elegantly opened a window on our world to reveal the ubiquitous, ceaseless and effervescent play of cosmic rays.
For various reasons that will become clear, I've broken a lot of eggs to make the little film about the project measuring the shape of the electron. Here are some of them.