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By discovering the world through science

I have just made this lino cut print to celebrate the potential of the new year.  'Flight of the Imagination' is one design out of over 180 that uses the same basic rocket motif.  Please visit my online sketchbook to see more.


Last week, I gave a talk to students and staff at the Physics Department about the nature of Physics, the experience of discovery and how we can talk about the beautiful things we know in new ways. I read out this piece of writing I created for the Sun Cinema and was taken aback when the audience clapped and cheered and asked to hear it again in the q&a.  I thought it fitting to include it here in my last entry for the year.

By discovering the world through science we let in the light. To let in a little more, we like to explore the edges where the light is lost to the vast blackness beyond. Our ideas about what may lie in the dark hold us so fascinated and dedicated that we explore ceaselessly. It is a timeless effort that cares little for geography, favouring the journeying of the mind into the far reaches of the universe, the heart of the atom, and light itself, with curiosity the fuel. In the Sun Cinema, passing clouds and the fall of night will dim and demolish our image, just as Nature in all our experiments holds the upper hand. But we are clever and find ways to illuminate the darkness. Always the image we find is beautiful, far beyond our early imaginings and brings new dimensions of beauty to our understanding, which gilds the richness of our experience.

Geraldine Cox 2013