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First light

Work is being made for an exhibition about light and discovery at the Imperial College Gallery in June this year.

Designs from the 'Book of Rockets' have become large wall hangings in oil ('Rockets 1' pictured in the studio below). 

The hidden patterns found in matter and light at the smallest scales are also transforming into large oil canvases; Here is a detail of the cream one.

And a new film has been completed called 'First Light'. The history of the universe and our place within it is a great story to share with everyone, bringing wonder and perspective to our lives. In this silent 6 minute film, we use coloured pencil drawings to tell the tale of the first light. This light, released when the universe was young, bathes us still and tells us so much about our world.  The script and compositions were developed with Mike Tarbutt.  Thank you also to Alan Heavens and Andrew Jaffe for their expert input.

I close with 'The Star', a piece by Alexander Calder whose spirit inspires so much of my work.

The Star, 1960
Polychrome sheet metal and steel wire
35 3/4 x 53 3/4 x 17 5/8”