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The Big Blue and Orange

One of the most notable shows in town is the jewel-like 'The Big Blue' at Ordovas Gallery. Pilar Ordovas has gathered pieces from private collections around the world and created a poetic exhibition that is even greater than the sum of the parts: a carving from a Roman sarcophagas and pieces by Francis Bacon, Max Ernst, Yves Klein, Courbet......


I've just had photographed one of the new paintings from the Nature's Notes series.  Here is 'Galileo's Lamp' with a short essay.

'Galileo's Lamp', oil on canvas, 120 x 130 cm

This painting is one of a series that explores and reveals the hidden patterns found over and over in nature: In this example, Nature’s innate musicality. Galileo noted that all pendulums of a given length swing with the same rhythm.  Such systems are everywhere, our footsteps, the human heart, a sound.  Even the colour orange is a frequency. 

The note beaten out by a little system ripples out with potential and verve.  Each painted pendulum is a frozen moment of time. A stop frame animation. Its position calculated using a simple equation. The swing is greatest for the top and bottom rows, reducing to stillness in the middle.  For every row the beat is always the same.

The colour scheme is inspired by a thrilling wallpaper design by Augustus Pugin that has a beautiful orange ground with a tiny hint of raspberry and a fresh white pattern on top.