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Building Blocks of the World

All Nature is made of up of just 18 particles*: Some of these particles carry forces - like photons which are particles of light; and some are particles of matter - like electrons. These are the basic building blocks of the world.  

We have drafted the first scheme to accurately picture these particles: a concise and coherent code for stating the properties of each, showing how they combine to build simple atoms and interact to create our world. 

We are hoping to create a book for students, teachers and everyone.

Summary scheme. 

The summary scheme is shown above and how the particles combine to make Helium, the second most abundant atom in the Universe is below.

Composite: Helium Atom

If you are asking yourself how from these simple building blocks came our magnificent world of complexity, that is a question for another time, though Bach attempts a beautiful explanation here.

The design principles of the particle code were influenced by the economic and elemental works of sculptor, Alexander Calder; The palette was inspired by Hilma af Klint, 1862 - 1944, pictured below, who was until recently a little known painter.  Her vibrant and generous paintings about the hidden forces and connections in Nature predated abstract art and were first exhibited twenty years after her death.  Her work is showing at the Serpentine Gallery in London until mid-May.


 * Excepting gravity, gravitons, dark energy and dark matter until our knowledge is clarified.