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Mountain Views


Photon Tree: Burgundy and Saffron, oil on canvas, 86 x 50 cm

I have just returned from the Dolomite mountains. Over 200 million years, Earth's forces have transformed them from ocean to mountain, so the peaks comprise ancient coral and algae. They bring fantastic perspectives: In the morning you might find yourself made microscopic looking up at the foot of vast rocks shooting out of the snowline.  After lunch you may be traversing high alpine meadows sparkling with sprouting crocus flowers like stars, and look across at the peaks like an imagined god. 

Here I am one morning, diminutive.  Next to the mountain scene is a new painting.  "Burgundy and Saffron" is from the photon tree series and domestic sized at 86 x 50cm. All warm objects emit light and light is made of photons, tiny irreducible particles of different energies. Here is such a spectrum.  Like the mountains it is rooted in the Earth and reaches to the heavens.