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Solar Creativity

I borrow the inspiring title of this journal entry from a pupil of Kingsley Community Primary School in Cheshire where I spent a wonderful day last week discussing the Universe, our Sun and Earth with 10 to 11 year old students. Their concentration, enthusiasm, insight and creativity shone brightly.  We did experiments - measuring gravity with a pendulum and discovering magnetic field lines around a magnet; made artworks - collages, drawings and sculptures; wrote and illustrated books, read poetry and shared questions, information and imaginings.

The Sun hid behind a cloud all day, but loomed large in our imaginations as we discussed its source of power, its changing magnetic field, cycles of activity and relations with our earth and ourselves.






Images from top:

1. Impression of the Sun's visible light spectrum with spectral absorption lines. By Alana.

2. Revealing the magnetic field lines of a magnet with compasses and coloured pencils.

3. Painting the solar system.

4. Drawing from a book called 'The Amazing Sun and the Universe'.

5. Students share their work.

6. Sun Earth collage. By Tom.

7. Illustration from 'A Journey to the Moon'. By Matthew.


With thanks to the students and staff of Kingsley School, my colleague Clare Dudeney and Dr Helen Mason at Cambridge University who created the programme which is supported by the STFC.