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Reflections from a Pale Blue Dot

I began my the week in a cafe in Barking preparing for a day with the 9 and 10 year old students of Northbury Primary School.  If you consider the Sun as a basketball, then our Earth would be approximately 2mm in diameter.  We are relatively small: 109 Earths would fit across the diameter of the Sun and 1.3 million would fit inside. Next to my coffee cup are the 120 tiny earths I'd bought along for the 120 students.

The action packed day was part of a programme lead by Helen Mason from Cambridge University. Students from 4 classes learnt about the Earth, our Sun and space and made artworks including concertina books and powerful and economic collages, some examples shown below.


'Dark Sun'

'Sun Landscape'

'Shooting Star'

Helen Mason with students of Northbury School.