About Me

London, Autumn 2017

London, Autumn 2017

My work is about finding resonant ways to express hidden aspects of Nature and the journey of discovery. This research has taken me to the heart of the atom, the beginnings of the universe and the essence of light. I have bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Painting and in 2011 received a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Award for a residency at the Physics Department of Imperial College London. I am happy to be working with scientists at various places including: Imperial College London, Oxford, Durham and Cambridge Universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Though I arrived as a painter, I have explored various media to share perspectives on the experience of discovery and some of the beautiful things we know through art including printed fabrics, books, film, text, talks and large installations such as advertising billboards and a sunshine powered cinema.

Together with artist and scientist colleagues I also create workshops for children and families that combine discussion, experimentation, art and dance to resonantly explore and celebrate our knowledge and place in the universe..

My current projects include: working with scientists at Imperial, Durham and Oxford Universities to help share the drama and intricacy of building and choreographing molecules; revealing Nature’s hidden patterns in textiles and paintings; and introducing eight year old children to the world of atoms and their delicate interactions with light.

Geraldine Cox, January 2019.


Some Relevant Information

Selected Recent Shows

  • 'Action at a Distance', curated by Shan McAnena. The Naughton Gallery, Queens University, Belfast, 2014.

  • 'Imagining Science', 4th Contemporary Science Film Festival, curated by Natalia Fuchs, The Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, 2014.

  • 'Poems about Light', The Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London, 2014.

  • 'FilmLab', Made in New York Media Centre, Brooklyn, New York; Imagine Science Film Festival, 2013.

  • 'The Poetics of Science', Rockefeller University, New York; Imagine Science Film Festival, 2013.

  • 'Sun Cinema', Imperial Festival, South Kensington, London, 2013.

  • 'MadeCurious', two giant billboards on the streets of London. With Imperial College and Hi-Rezz, 2012.

  • 'Beyond Ourselves', The Royal Society, London. With: Agata Agatowska, Chris Dunseath, Sam Knowles, David Rickard and Chooc Ly Tan, 2011.

  • 'Beyond Ourselves', Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham, The British Art Show Fringe. With Agata Agatowska, Chris Dunseath, Sam Knowles and Chooc Ly Tan, 2010.

  • 'MK Fringe National Painting Prize' Milton Keynes - competition finalist, judges: Phoebe Unwin, artist; Michael Stanley, Turner Prize judge and director of Modern Art, Oxford, 2009.

  • 108 Fine Art, Harrogate - specially commissioned paintings with Alan Davie, Ansel Krut, Adrian Wiszniewski and others, 2009.

  • India Art Summit, Emerging World Art, Delhi, with James Green, Guler Ates, Will Martyr, 2008.

  • 'In Search of Beauty', Menier Gallery, London, with Patrick Caulfield, Josef Albers, John Hoyland, 2008

Example Projects with Schools and Young People

  • Imperial College Outreach

    • Our World of Atoms’ - An introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements for families and children ages 7-11”. The Invention Rooms, Imperial College, February 2019.

  • Atom Days’ with QSUM:

    • St Michael’s School. Highgate, March 2019.

    • Hollickwood Junior School, Muswell Hill, December 2018.

    • St James Primary School, Kensington, June 2018.

  • ‘Sun, Space, Art’ with Dr Helen Mason of Cambridge University and colleagues:

    • Canonbury School, November 2018.

    • Neville Blanche Deaf School, October 2018.

    • Cambridge Home Schooling Group, July 2018.

    • Wyton on the Hill School, March 2018.

    • Connaught House School, London, February 2018.

    • Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. October 2017.

    • Northbury School, Barking, Essex. March 2017.

    • Kingsley School, Cheshire. February 2017.

    • Ambrose Barlow School, Salford. With “Venture Thinking”. March 2014.

  • 'Universe Day', with Dagny Youssuf Kimberly and Prof Jonathan Halliwell of Imperial College London. St James School, Kensington. April 2015.

  • 'Physics Meets Fashion', national fashion design competition. Fashion Access Direct. November 2014.

Talks, Broadcasts and Workshops

  • Seminar for New York City School of Visual Arts, Imperial College London, May 2019.

  • The Alexander Calder Sculpture Workshop for Atomic Physicists, Imperial College, December 2018.

  • Vienna Complexity Centre, The Ginkgo Meeting, September 2018.

  • Soho Radio, 27th November, 2017.

  • Imperial College London, Department of Physics, December, 2017.

  • Durham University, QSUM Project, September, 2017.

  • 'This Tremendous World of Interconnecting Hierarchies', CDT Festival, Imperial College London, April 2017.

  • Imperial College London, Department of Physics, December, 2016.

  • 'This Tremendous World of Interconnecting Hierarchies', part of 'Monopoles' Exhibition, curated by Emma Stirling, Yates Norton and Oli Gould, October 2016.

  • Imperial College London, Complexity Centre, October, 2016.

  • Imperial College London, Department of Physics, November, 2015.

  • Cambridge Festival of Ideas. Presentations of perspectives and ideas with researchers at Cambridge Nanotechnology Centre. Intoduced by Prof Jeremy Baumberg and Thereza Wells of Artakt. October, 2015.

  • TEDx Marrakesh, February, 2015.

  • Imperial College London, Department of Physics, February, 2015.

  • Southwark Cathedral, London, March 2014: Pre-concert discussion on the relationship between science, religion and art with Father Christopher Jamison, Iain McGilchrist & Peter Fudakowski.

  • Portsmouth University, Contemporary Fine Art, February, 2014.

  • Kingston University, Graphic Design, February, 2014.

  • Imperial College London, Department of Physics, December, 2013.

  • The Centre for Neuro Imaging Sciences, Kings College, London. September, 2013.

  • Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth, July, 2013.

  • Imperial College London, Department of Physics. May, 2013.

  • The Institute of Physics Higher Education Group. October, 2012.

Awards, Selections and Competitions

  • 4th Contemporary Science Film Festival, film selected, Moscow, 2014.

  • Imagine Science Film Festival selection, two films screened, New York, 2013.

  • EPSRC funded award from Imperial College London, 2012.

  • Leverhulme Trust, Artist in Residence Award at Imperial College, 2011.

  • British Arts Council Award, 2010.

  • Fringe MK Painting Prize 2009, exhibited finalist. Selected by Turner Prize judge, the late Michael Stanley.

  • British Arts Council Award, 2008.

  • Sherbourne House Open, finalist, 2007.

  • Nottingham Open, finalist, 2007.

  • City and Guilds of London Art History Prize, 2004.

  • Roger de Grey Prize for Drawing, City and Guilds of London Art School, 2003.

Education & Previous Work

  • Associate Partner, Accenture.

  • BA Honours, Fine Art Painting, City and Guilds of London School of Art.

  • BSc Honours, Physics, Loughborough University.