Some comments

‘Geraldine Cox is a natural scientist and artist. She focuses on exploring the ways that knowledge of physical laws can enrich our perception of the world. Her artworks possess a distinct academic charm and are not only of artistic, but educational value as well.’
— Natalia Fuchs, Programme Curator, The Polytechnic Museum, Moscow
‘What “Writing” does show is how much meaning in physics is packed not into words but into symbols, figures and equations that form their own special language......That’s a part of real physics that never seems to show up in Hollywood films.’
— Sidney Perkowitz, Candler Professor Emeritus of Physics at Emory University
‘Geraldine Cox’s “Writing”: a microscopic observation of physicists’ notes and equations jotted on whatever was on hand, the scientific process turning inwards on its own mechanics, perhaps.’
— Nate Dorr, Director of Programming, Imagine Science Films, New York