Busy summer

It has been a busy summer.  

Thank you to the now graduated physics students: Rox, Giuliana, Chess, Jess and Nadine for answering the question 'what does your knowledge give you?' around the breakfast table one morning before heading off to revise. Their answers and abundant enthusiasms are revealed in the 3 minute film 'I know this is paradise' shown below.


I am proud and delighted to be part of the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York this October where two of the films we have made (Resonance and Writing) have been selected for screening at events in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Imagine Science Film are an interesting and exciting organisation, committed to drawing attention to the sciences and fostering work between scientists and filmmakers.  Do look them up and support them. If you happen to be in New York the programme is here.

We are continuing work to make beautiful and informative things. One project, 'First Light', tells the story of the first and most abundant light to be released in the universe - the Cosmic Microwave Background in coloured pencil drawings (example shown).  

12. signatures.JPG

And the calculation of resonant oscillations in circular and square plates is forming the basis for new fabric designs.

Chladni pattern set 2.png