Nature's Imagination

Over Christmas and through the first two months of the year, we've been thinking about the world at the smallest scales.  This is the quantum world where Nature conjures something quite different to our everyday human scale experiences.  In this short film we share the most striking characteristics.  

To better grasp some of the ideas, it's been fun trying to visualise what is happening in helpful ways. Nature operates probabilistically at such tiny scales and so lends itself to pattern making. Here in the yellow stick patterns are the spin statistics of entangled electrons rendered in what we now call the Cox convention. For the physics minded reader - each stick is a measurement direction and the blue and red are spin results (up/down).


What's in the pipeline? It has been an interesting pleasure to spend time with a new group this year who are working on the microscopic relations between light and matter, in particular surface waves in matter called plasmons. One of the results is likely to be a new short film about resonance. And now at last that we are turning further towards the sun we are focused on building the natural light cinema in the yurt. Our clever and talented team are putting things together and I hope to report back soon.