Autumn Notes

One of the most fundamental ideas in physics is that of an oscillator.  The simple pendulum is probably the example we are most familiar with. This periodic restoring action comes up again and again, bringing light and music to the world.  I have made it the heart of my new project called 'Nature's Notes'. Here is one of the first large oil paintings, 'The Rose garden' formally displaying over 2,500 pendulums.

The Rose Garden, oil on canvas, 132 x 120 cm

The Rose Garden, oil on canvas, 132 x 120 cm

I am delighted to be exhibiting at the Naughton Gallery of Queens University Belfast. 'Action at a Distance' celebrates the work and life of physicist John Bell on the 50th anniversary of his famous theorem. 'Nature's Imagination' is playing until the 30th November.


Nature is displaying astounding colours this autumn which are wonderful fuel for the colour notes of the new paintings.