Thank you to Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett was a great person and physicist who was killed tragically in a car accident in Australia at the end of 2012. Earlier that year he put my name on a list of breakfast speakers for the quantum information theory group he worked in at Imperial College. He didn't ask me or let me know, my name just appeared one day on the rota. 

I hadn't imagined that I might present to groups of physicists and Sean's simple and momentary action gave me the confidence to put a presentation together for the group.  I offered stories about my journey through college, viewpoints on their world and wider perspectives for life. It was a fun and interesting morning and I resolved to keep working on sharing by presenting. I asked myself - could speaking be another artistic medium?

Since then, I have given talks and seminars to the physics students and scientists of Imperial and elsewhere, young children at schools around the UK and arts students. These threads were bought together in my most recent talk at TEDx Marrakesh. It is a fullstop in my work, and a beginning.

I have Sean to thank for this.