Cadmium Red and Stars

This summer, I've had the pleasure of talking with researchers who study and fabricate tiny structures on the scale of visible light waves at Cambridge. As an introduction to seeing at these microscopic sizes, I spent an afternoon photographing my cadmium red paint pigments with a scanning electron microscope. The velvety red powder became this quiet coral reef which hinted at the underlying crystalline structures.  

For an introduction to their world, watch Jamie Dolan and Roxanne Middleton's short films


Our wide ranging conversations inspired me to begin a new project exploring the relation of science to life and the myriad worlds we encounter in both domains. More about 'The Pier and the Island' in the coming months.

I have just put together a new catalogue of paintings called 'Nature's Notes'. I started these large paintings in the middle of 2014 and have many more to make.  They are carefully constructed to contain equations and relations that reveal the hidden musicality and underlying laws at the heart of Nature. 

Here is one of the latest pictures: 'Stars', oil on canvas, 132 x 120 cm.