Increasing Light

In London, we're turning back towards the Sun and there is a sense of increasing light. To celebrate I share a new painting called 'Photon Tree'.

Any warm body emits light and light is like rain - arriving in tiny droplets each possessing a different energy, represented here by circles of varying sizes. The distribution of energies is governed by the temperature of the body.  For those who speak physics, this image is the black body radiation of an object with the temperature of 300K.  

There is further magic in this new convention, it seems to connect the earth to the stars.


Photon Tree, oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm.

A note on colour

Purple and orange have a harmonious and vibrant colour relation which I am tempted to explain with this hypothesis: Both are mixtures of more fundamental colours - the purple of blue and red; the orange of red and yellow.  They have in common the colour red which brings about a harmony.  In contrast, the yellow in the orange is the exact complementary of the purple; as is the blue in the purple in relation to the orange, so this adds a vibration.