Venice Textures

Appreciating textures is a direct route to riches: the play of light on water, the atmosphere in a garden, the proportions and surface of a room; the gait of a tree, the character of a flower and the twirling of a leaf on a thread of spider's web. 

My recent trip to Venice reminded me of this abundant wealth.  Among the following snippets I celebrate the exhibition called 'Intuition' at Palazzo Fortuny. This is the final project by the curating team of Axel Vervoordt and Daniela Ferretti. The great chorus of voices assembled spanned thousands of years. Axel's motto: 'Etre heureux en rendant heureux', 'Finding happiness through creating happiness' ran throughout.

  1. Statue-menhir, 2,000 - 3,000 BC. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  2. Anish Kapoor sculpture. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  3. Lion, Venice naval building.
  4. Ceiling in Venetian church.
  5. Galileo Galilei publication of sunspot drawings. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  6. Mid 20th century Italian artist - name  I forget. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  7. Alexander Calder sculpture. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  8. Me.
  9. Etching by Odile Redon. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  10. Antique textile from Columbia. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  11. Vapour installation. 'Intuition', Palazzo Fortuny. 
  12. Venice windows.
  13. Venice rain.