Last week, the “Quantum Science for Ultra Cold Molecules” project marked the end of its second year with a mid-project review. It was the perfect opportunity to complete two projects that have been running in parallel:

Making Motionless Molecules” is an attempt to describe some of the complex and incredibly precise processes the group uses to create absolutely still molecules. Their techniques are exquisitely fine tuned and quite different from Nature’s. The aim was to use consistent and intuitive forms to help describe what is going on. After much analysis we decided to bring the descriptions together in a 50 page A5 book of drawings for everyone Example pages are show below.

The book is also the basis for this short film.

Atom Days are the multi disciplinary days we run in schools and with families. We have just finished our pilot stage and have had a wonderful time sharing the beauty of atoms with children aged 8 and 9 years old and their carers and teachers. Please visit World of Atoms for more information.

Identifying atoms by viewing colourful atomic spectra.

Identifying atoms by viewing colourful atomic spectra.

I’ll close this entry by celebrating a piece of work from a remarkable follow on project created by pupils at Hollickwood School. You can see more works and read about the project by clicking on the image.