'Finding Patterns' is about Nature, the adventure of discovery and how we can express what we know in new ways. The project began on April 1st 2011 in the Physics Department of Imperial College London. 

Here you will find conversations from the early months of the project and a journal where I gather my thoughts from time to time. There is a gallery of drawings, paintings and prints and one of experimental films. A pop up cinema running on sunshine and a giant roadside billboard are here and there is a small section of short pieces of writing.

Good places to start are my first journal entry, manifesto and thoughts about physics

I would like to thank the people at Imperial College Physics department and others around the globe who have shared their ways of seeing the world and been so encouraging. In particular, thank you to Terry Rudolph for helping get our project started and his ongoing support.

Thank you also to the Leverhulme Trust for enabling the project with a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Award and to the Physics Department of Imperial College for warmly hosting and supporting Finding Patterns.

For further information please email me.

Geraldine Cox




The Ginkgo Meeting

Complexity Science Hub, Vienna. 17-18th September 2018.

The ambition of the singular “Ginkgo Meeting” is to investigate what true understanding is. We are bringing together a host of curious, talented and creative individuals from very diverse fields for an experiment to explore what happens when a spectrum of minds are focused on a single unbounded part of reality.

Our chosen subject is the Ginkgo Biloba tree.